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New York Grime Collective Show Off Their Love For The City In New Track 'Sun's 4'

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Producer, Aion, and MC's Dutchguts, Gi Major and Lord Of Ciphers, came together to put their spin on the U.K grime scene whilst shouting out their home city.

The four artists have all had their own musical journeys, but the grime scene has been a part of each individual journey. EARTHONE visited London to be featured on Rinse FM for a New York Grime special with Marcus Nasty and Oblig, but then Gi Major, Aions, and Lord of Ciphers performed at the widely known Sofar Sounds, as well as hosted their own cypher at Pirate Studios with local London MC’s.

Sedimentary Sound, the record label founded by longtime grime duo and creative directors, Aions and Gi Major of EARTHTONE, is where you'll find this new track that provides new sounds and powerful lyricism that allows listeners to delve into the New York scene.

Grime has been slowly making it's way through New York where the more commonly known beats are making it into hip-hop, but the collective are making waves across the pond and in their home city.

Talking about the new release, EARTHTONE says:

"Sun's 4 is a bit of a double entendre. The track represents the energy that the four of us cultivate through our shared love of grime, while also symbolizing the inevitable sunshine after dark days."

You can watch listen to the track and watch the new visuals for this track below.