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New York producer Nick Marks shines on his progressive new EP 'Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II'

Photo: Lauren Desberg

After breaking onto the scene with his vibrant debut EP 'Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I' last year, New York's Nick Marks has certainly been making waves in the months since. Cementing himself as one of the more enigmatic names in US hip-hop production, his legacy is quickly shaping us to one of the more impactful we have heard in years. And with the buzz surrounding him continuing to build, he is back once again with his woozy new offering 'Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II'.

Exploring a heady mix of funk, soul, and jazz for his latest venture, his newest collection sees him in one of his most explorative guises to date. Creating this brilliantly absorbing flavour that always yearns for the brightest and most infectious textures possible, 'Cinematic Chromatics Vol. II' sees him continue that vibrant momentum he has already cultivated. With tracks like 'Touché Hombre' adding a more psychedelic edge in places as well, there seems to be nothing he can't find to add into his already adventurous aesthetic so far.

He may have only just gotten off the mark in this past year, but Nick Marks is already one of the more exciting names arriving from New York right now. With such an effortless finesse to everything he touches, it feels like we are going to be hearing a lot more about him in the months ahead as well.



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