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Nia Ekanem delivers a soulful vocal performance in ‘Feels Like Home’

An emotional blend of powerful vocals and an enthralling dose of soul, Nia Ekanem’s latest release is a magical track that will have you hooked right from start. Nia infuses his stirring melodies with harmonies reminiscent of a Gospel choir, creating an uplifting, stripped-back brand of pop music that is beautifully personal and relatable.

Nia Ekanem is known for his remarkable fusion of raspy soul, electrifying acoustic sensibilities, enchanting vocals and compelling storytelling. The rising talent has seen support from the likes of BBC Radio, Capital Xtra and more. Talking about the new track, Nia Ekanem shares: “One of the things I spent my lockdown doing was reflecting & writing. Reflecting on life, past relationships, friends, family etc. & I had all the time in the world not only to reflect, but also to turn these thoughts into songs."

He further explains, "‘FEELS LIKE HOME’ is one of the songs that was born during these times. I wrote the chorus first & sat on it for a while, not really thinking much of it, to me it was me just expressing a feeling I was having at the time. Later that week/month I had a zoom writing session with my friend Berg (who is a musician too) & I sang the chorus to her. She loved it from the jump & the rest is history.”



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