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  • Rose Shannonn

Nick Coleman drops brand new track 'Catch Me'

Nick Coleman puts his melodious musical background of Los Angeles on the map. Layered with horns, an 808 drilling drum beat and coarse vocals. Nick Coleman raps about: trust issues, lifestyle, experiences with women, pursuing your dreams and more. ‘Catch Me’ feels like a hype track but also successfully delivers a relaxing feel.

The Los Angeles rapper is constantly learning and evolving his sound, ‘Catch Me’ even features an artist from the UK. When speaking about the song, Nick Coleman states “The record with LE0NE is my favorite off of the project. Collaborating with an artist halfway around the globe we wanted to not only give a glimpse into the different lifestyles of both Cambridge and Los Angeles, but even more so the similarities that we noticed while making the record. Bringing the West-Coast over to the UK and the UK over to the West-Coast. If anything, we want this track to bring people together”

The 22-year-old-rapper has already been featured on Worldstar! Be sure to check out Catch me and Nick Coleman’s other tracks.

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