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Nicki Wells delivers stunning and harmonious debut album 'Ellipsis'

Nicki Wells is the example of an artist who delivers almost impossibly delicate music that is endearing, yet undeniably empowering. This nuanced understanding lies at the heart of her mesmerising debut album 'Ellipsis'. A record of remarkable significance, despite her years of experience, this album invites listeners to engage in contemplation – a tranquil oasis amid the cacophony of life.

Wells' 'Ellipsis' effortlessly weaves together a tapestry of musical influences, ranging from Indian classical to Celtic folk, eastern European choral, and western pop. This sonic kaleidoscope is undoubtedly a reflection of Wells' fascinating heritage, starting with the opening track, 'Never Will,' showcasing the piano she first learned to play as a child. Its stripped-back production highlights the beauty of organic sounds, featuring real strings, double bass, and drums that infuse life into each note.

"My work is definitely an amalgamation of all my experiences growing up; it’s like a combination of nature and nurture… where you live and how that shapes you, and what you take from life as you go through it."

As the album unfolds, traditional melodies merge seamlessly with Wells' contemporary vision. 'I Have Longed to Be Here' intertwines orchestral elements with Wells' Hindustani-influenced vocal delivery, transitioning into dramatic harmonies reminiscent of Bulgarian folk music. This fusion resonates with a sense of fearless energy, symbolising a personal breakthrough within the artist herself.

'Ellipsis' isn't merely an album; it's a sonic expedition that traverses geographic, cultural, and emotional landscapes. With a rich vein of influences, Wells has crafted a work of art that resonates deeply with the human experience, offering moments of stillness and reflection in a world perpetually in motion. Immerse yourself in 'Ellipsis' now, you won't regret it.

Stream 'Ellipsis' here:


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