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Nicki Wells releases luscious cinematic pop single 'The Night'

Nicki Wells is a multi-faceted artist who unlike many, draws you in from her first breath. Her magically intertwined brand of pop-woven ballads have an immediate impact, possessing a unique, dream like quality in her sonics. Her latest single 'The Night' is exactly that and more, in a serendipitous lullaby song that feels like it could even belong in a Bond movie.

“The Night is a lullaby of reassurance to fall into mystery. To surrender into our own imagination, the world of the unconscious. The dream world.”

Filled with beautifully laid strings arrangements, Wells has such a presence in her soft, almost whispering voice, and it sets the perfect scene and tone for her craft. 'The Night' is a deeply resonating song that ebbs and flows with ease, swaying in and out with the effortless melodies from Nicki. It's simply gorgeous and spellbinding, and an absolute joy to listen to. Wells encapsulates the modern meaning of cinematic pop, listen and see for yourself.

Stream 'The Night' here:


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