• gareth982

Nikko Tank Releases New Track 'All Alone'

Exploring the globally felt sense of loneliness that a global pandemic has thrust upon us, “All Alone” is the new track from Nikko Tank.

The driving force in the track's instrumentation is a traditional hip-hop melody, though the overall sound lends from elements of trap and R&B. Nikko’s style of flow and soulful vocal styling as well as delicate piano accompaniment add to the song to offer a sense of delicacy and vulnerability that ties in with the feelings of seclusion and uncertainty that the numerous lockdowns imposed worldwide have brought about.

Explaining the meaning behind the track Nikko offers, “All Alone was about the current pandemic situation with a combination of lingering anxiety. I’ve always struggled with mental health and fighting demons so ‘All Alone’ was just Meer reminder that even when you feel alone that you never really are, you can always seek refuge in other people.”

Nikko has already made a big impact on the industry, his emotive lyrics and witful lyricism offer a sense of realness to the listener. At just 24 his view on the world and ability to articulate such intricate thoughts is both profound and a telling sign of his intelligence.

Nikko’s musical depth and raw talent for writing have positioned him as an exciting artist to keep an eye on as he continues to release an eclectic collection of hip-hop inspired hits.