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Nilanjanaa Jayant releases glowing new single ‘Blueprints’

19-year-old, Bangalore-born Nilanjanaa Jayant has flourished in her deep connection with western music. Her vocal talents were recognised age thirteen, when she won first place in the jazz category of global vocal competition ‘Golden Voices of America 2016’. This followed with a recital at Carnegie Hall in New York. Her previous releases have allowed her to express her own vision for music, using minimalistic pop melodies that are deeply intimate and touch your soul.

Nilanjanaa Jayant’s latest release shows off her vocal talents with a raw and emotion song that dives into feeling of obsession in its poignant lyricism. Her singing is dynamic and dreamy, whilst being rooted in confidence and ability. The beat is simple, with a kick driving the thick, warming bass and bouncy, reserved piano line. The backing vocals from Nilanjanaa are equally impressive, creating a choir like atmosphere with a few layers of harmony.

The artist shares, “Blueprints portrays a profound narrative: the feeling when you can't seem to forget a loved one, and with each new acquaintance, you unconsciously search for traces of them. Driven by an all-consuming obsession and an attempt to replace them, you begin blurring the boundaries of reality and fantasy. Yet, in a moment of enlightenment, the painful truth finally dawns on you: your fixation was a figment of imagination, and this dogged pursuit has made it harder to let go.”



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