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Nine Years Difference release the wistful ‘Where Are You Now’

Brothers Tom Westwood and Wez Westwood, and their long time friend, music collaborator and writing partner Nick Matthews make up the Cheltenham based pop-rock band, Nine Years Difference. Their range of influences allowed them to form a unique sound that feels familiar to new listeners.

Nine Years Difference are bringing a brand new optimistic summer anthem to the table with their latest track ‘Where Are You Now’. The story of the track follows a wistful but hopeful protagonist, watching a girl lose interest and live an unpredictable life. Instrumentation includes bouncy electric guitar lines that are paired with expansive string orchestration, an interesting blend that create the drama of a summer smash. Overall, it’s a track filled with nostalgia, vocals that remind you of times and people gone by, lacing it all in rose-tinted package. The record was mixed by James Towler (Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, PiL) of Wincraft studios

Tom adds, “The lyrics are based on a past summer romance in my late teens when I attended a friend's house party. It was a case of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl meets another girl, boy goes home alone.”



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