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Not Now Norman is back with a stand-out new release and video: "What I Want"

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Not Now Norman couldn’t wait to drop "What I Want", their most recent music video release. The band finally shared this massive new endeavor with the world, leaving a scent of innovation behind. It is not always easy to make music that combines such a wide array of styles, but Not Now Norman wanted to make something truly special with "What I Want". As a result, this release features a broad sonic palette.

You can easily build a path to the artist’s vast creative scope if you listen: "What I Want" is like an intersection, where genres like indie, alternative and punk coexist beautifully, merging into something extraordinary and unique. "What I Want" is fun and direct in spite of the incredibly diverse approach. Not Now Norman is always happy to experiment with new ideas, but they never fail to focus on what matters: making music that’s personal and fun for the audience!

Check out the creative DIY music video directed by front woman Taylor-Grace.

Find out more about Not Now Norman and listen to her new drop, "What I Want", which is currently available on all major streaming services.

Find out more about Not Now Norman: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | WEBSITE | YOUTUBE



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