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Nu-Funk Duo Rush Midnight Return With New Single 'Take The Long Way Home'

Having already made waves with features across tastemaker music sites, Rush Midnight are once again demonstrating their prowess on the new single 'Take The Long Way'. An airy, dreamy effort that serves up both a healthy does of 'the funk' while also creating an otherworldly soundscape, the new single blends the pairs renowned melodic funk bass lines with washing synths, plucky guitar lines and Russell’s signature breathy vocals, the new single ‘Take The Long Way Home’ layers the instrumentation over it’s tight drum beat (courtesy of Jared Frazier) to create a danceable yet moody soundscape. Enhanced with the addition of layered virtuoso strings by Jake Falby (Chet Faker, Dave Harrington) 'Take The Long Way Home' is once again a demonstration of the duo's uncanny ability to create hypnotic, musically rich and accessible music. Akin to the likes of Jungle and Alfie Templeman, Rush Midnight are riding the wave of new artists that are blending Funk with elements Indie-Pop, Synth-Pop and Electronic music. Creating a sound that is entirely their own and will sure see them continue their rise to fame, Rush Midnight have yet more new material due in the coming months. Listen to 'Take The Long Way Home' below:



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