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NxFxce releases heartfelt new single “bff”

Updated: Jan 18

NxFxce is back with a new infectious single “bff”. His unique sound manages to blend heartfelt lyricism and irresistible instrumentation together, creating a fully immersive musical experience. His music manages to pay homage to many different genres, artists and musical ideas - the end result coming in the form of a melting pot of experimental rap and pop.

His latest single “bff” fully showcases this sound. The track features a colourful melting pot of atmospheric synths, a simple but effective drum beat and ethereal backing vocals. The single has all the foundations for a laid-back pop anthem, but comes tinged with infectious R&B sensibilities that work hand in glove with emotionally-penned lyrics.

Speaking about the release, he says: ““The inspiration came from me and someone going our separate ways and I felt as if my best friend had just left. Writing the song took some time only because I had to go through that experience in order to express it and I literally just got up one night after having the beat for a couple months and I just started recording and the hook was created and then lyrics for the verse came later.”

An artist on the rise, we're looking forward to seeing where NxFxce takes their artistry.

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