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Oakstop Alliance release new collaborative project 'Just Because' alongside Homeboy Sandman and more

Non-profit Oakstop Alliance's newly formed initiative is an exciting new project showcasing the city's most emerging talent in Oakland, California. This November welcomed the arrival of their debut single 'Just Because' featuring Homeboy Sandman, Honest in 10land, Tone Oliver and Pat Messy on production duties.

The first single 'Just Because' from their forthcoming album 'Royalty Summit' is a truly divine slice of hip-hop with funk-tinged elements. It exposes the many layers of creativity through the power of lyricism and serves listeners with a stripped-back yet intoxicating anthem.

An odyssey of elevating compositions from Pat Messy paired with eclectic soundboards and ferocious bars from veteran emcee Homeboy Sandman, Honest in 10land and Tone Oliver combine for a track that is distinctly pleasing.

'Royalty' Summit is the debut album from the Oakland Resident project. The nonprofit organisation is a community which empowers artists whilst funding and offering community-focused arts programming to blossoming artists in the city.

The 12-tracker was recorded in just three days as a residency collaboration between talented rapper Homeboy Sandman and over 20 Oakland musical artists and professionals. This exciting new release offers up a taster of their highly anticipated album and highlights a project that is not to sleep on this year.



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