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  • Ellie McGuire

OLSO Guarantees An Energising Feel On Latest Offering ‘The Same’

OLSO spent his formative years as a young artist in Salt Lake City, Utah, streaming music festivals, founding OLSO, and bringing a gigantic sound and emotion to his music. In his dual roles as a performer and producer, OLSO creates energizing music across a range of genres that is big and powerful.

Returning with his latest offering ‘The Same’, OLSO showcases a genre-blending combination of dance-pop and synth-pop on the energetic tune.

OLSO’s music inspires fervor, inspiring listeners to move and groove as well as remember it as a sound to return to. He started writing chords and wanted to try his hand at sampling. He created a very good sequence and played the piano over it while experimenting with the sound till it resembled a sample scratch. The song came together naturally as he really got into the beat, followed by some bass, percussion, synthesizer, and a guitar solo. He soon thought of the words "girl if you take some time".

Overall, the song has a generally upbeat vibe that adds to his musical discography pushing boundaries with his joyful energy.

“It's me finding the OLSO groove. I love music that is effortlessly dance-y and ‘The Same’ is the perfect example of that,” OLSO comments on the track.

Be sure to check out, ‘The Same’:



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