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Omri releases new track 'i wanna say'

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

When someone asks you how you’re doing - it can be hard to know what to say. Do they want to hear the truth - or do they want the pleasantries often expected from us. This is what Omri tackles in his new alt-pop track ‘i wanna say,’ a personal, unfiltered, and extremely self-aware track that immerses you into his feelings whilst still being upbeat and fun to listen to.

Omri says of the track, “I get inspired by everything, and I always write about my own personal life. I never write a story that isn’t mine, so I’d say my own life inspires me in a way. This song is geared toward a depressing situation that is better told in a playful way, which you can hear from the sound, too. It focuses on being in a bad place mentally or emotionally, and that moment when someone asks you, ‘how are you?‘. It underlines the fact that it’s hard to continuously be asked how you’re doing, and stop yourself from fully telling the truth.”

‘i wanna say’ is out now and you can listen below!



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