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  • FLEX Staff

Ormiston has unleashed his funky fresh new track ‘Rebel’

Canadian powerhouse Ormiston has unleashed his funky fresh new track ‘Rebel’ with some seriously retro disco vibes, just in time to brighten up what has been a grim winter here in the UK.

The singer, songwriter, musician and producer, Ormiston, is making his debut as a solo artist, and what an entrance this is. Modern 80’s Indie Pop entangled with NuDisco - what is not to love. Vocal effects, sparkling synths, funk-driven basslines and chunky rhythms give the sound bucket-loads of texture while nice moments of light and shade to shake up the track.

Already signed with Canadian label Lisbon Lux Records (Le Couleur, Russell Louder, Radiant Baby and Das Mörtal) Ormiston is working on his first album to be released in spring 2021.

Overall, the track genuinely had me grooving in my seat from the first moments - well done Ormiston, can't wait to see what's next.

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