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P*nut, Franz Job and Qua collaborate to ‘Wake Up’

Back with a brand new record, P*nut has teamed up with Franz Job and Qua for dazzling offering ‘Wake Up’. Brimming with pulsing beats, spacey synth and rich vocals, the hip-hop track takes nostalgic sounds and makes them feel current and fresh.

Throughout his career in the industry, multi platinum producer and artist P*nut has worked with the likes of Dido, Faithless, James Arthur, Wiley, and Emile Sande to name only a few. In 2006 P*nut had a chance encounter to play Amy Winehouse some of his beat ideas, resulting in the two of them finding they were on common ground musically and spending a week together in the studio. Together they created the world-class ‘He can only hold her’ from her multi platinum album ‘Back to Black’, which won an award at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards.

P*nut’s solo material has also turned notable heads, with his second solo album ‘Sweet as’ being signed to Sony/BMG, and featuring a wide array of UK, American and Carribean rappers.

Speaking on the new single, P*nut explains: “Franz and myself started to write ‘Wake up’ two years ago, with both of us recording it together in Tobago and Berlin. Franz kept on channelling Janis Joplin’s “Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz my friends all drive Porsches I must make amends, work hard all my lifetime no help from my friends, Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz” throughout the recordings."



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