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Paid by Cash release diverse new EP "Static Ideas"

An EP can act as a step up for an act, and Paid by Cash have executed it perfectly.

This EP diversifies itself and manages to keep the listener interested, managing to go from 70s Rock to modern Post-Punk in the space of a couple of tracks. Talented musicianship is showcased in abundance here, with larger than life riffs that form a great partnership with angst, angry vocals and kept together by a strong bass and drum backbone.

Discussing the new release, Paid By Cash share: “We worked this collection of songs over the good part of a year, honing them at live shows and rehearsals. We worked very collaboratively on all these tracks despite having a small lineup change, with everyone's contributions very much being heard on every song. We recorded down at a studio near Halifax nestled next to a hill. The drives there and back really added to the whole experience, driving through Bronte country and much of Calderdale. It had snowed on numerous visits to the studio, putting doubt on whether we'd even be able to get back home but the passion and drive to get these songs the best they could be meant we stuck around for as long as we could.”

With a strong live show to accompany, we can't wait to catch them in a sweaty club soon.

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