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Alternative artist paradise fell has shared their debut offering ‘VICES.’. paradise fell is an artist alter ego, born as the product of a restless imagination. Formed out of an unshakeable urge to song write, fueling a cathartic translation of the real identity struggles in his own head onto a musical soundscape.

A fearless expressive voice, forcing the conversation forward and encouraging listeners to embrace their chaos. This musical chapter breeds a new sound, rather than craving what’s safe and familiar. While tipping his hat to the classic, textured rock influence, paradise fell is searching for a voice in between the lines. Diving between brutal alt rock tracks and reimagined anti-pop remixes - paradise fell is looking to forge a new groove for the needle to follow

“VICES. is a frantic confrontation of the irony; that something which kills us slowly, sets us free in the moment. It makes us feel alive. The bad habits we have are the only things that can save us from the drudgery of daily life. The very things that are killing us, become a cornerstone of our identity. They become familiar. They become part of who we are. A comfort in a chaotic world.” - paradise fell.

Watch VICES. right here:

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