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paradise fell. unveil official video for FOREVER // EVERMORE

paradise fell. proves that when all is broken, not all is lost.

London, UK based alternative project paradise fell. has today returned with the official video for their new single, FOREVER // EVERMORE. The track follows the the projects launch of single releases - VICES. and LOVE STAINED. which were released early 2023 out of an unshakeable urge for paradise fell. to get back into song writing and provide a voice.

“This song was written for anyone out there who needs reminding that it’s perfectly valid to WANT to let someone go but to also NOT BE ABLE TO do it because it hurts too much”, paradise fell. explains. “Whilst the twisted restless electronic verses feel like a dark stab in the back from someone you loved, twisting deeper with every line, the chorus feels like a cathartic, anthemic release. You can’t help but scream along every line. Gradually feeling the relief of verbalising out loud that this person has become a “scar, tattooed on <your> heart” that will haunt you forever but that you keep closer than ever before.”

paradise fell. called upon their followers, their community of “the fallen” to share their stories and share their struggles with abuse in the past. To explain how these experiences have become a scar. “The results were overwhelming. a tidal wave of messages and emotion written out across the walls in the video. A sentiment that echoes the chorus lyrics: “you’re a scar”.” - explains paradise fell.



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