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"Party in the Valley" is the new offering from LA artist Matt Moody

A melancholic electro-pop single with layers of indie sensibilities, the new single from Matt Moody is endearing and draws you in with each listen. Self produced with further mixing done by Jim Stewart (The Happy Fits, The Lighthouse, The Whaler), ‘Party in the Valley’ certainly kicks off 2022 in the best way possible.

Speaking about the new release, Matt Moody shares, “Party In The Valley is about experiencing that deep, melancholic state of depression / numbness / staleness. I decided to name it "Party In The Valley" because I thought it best captured that idea of throwing a pity-party for yourself instead of facing your emotions head on. There are so many distractions these days, it's hard to find clarity of self. P.I.T.V. was just a way for me to transform that stagnation into creation.”



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