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Patrick Doval keeps the vibes high with his energetic new single 'Endless Heartbreak'

Photo: Robert Zuckerman

Throughout the sprawling years of his dynamic career to date, Miami's Patrick Doval has always looked to find new and innovative ideas in which to explore. And sometimes that comes in the form of an older song as he returns with the revamped version of his 2008 single 'Endless Heartbreak'.

Originally appearing on his sophomore LP 'Fractured', albeit without Pete Parada (The Offspring) on drums, his new and revitalised version of 'Endless Heartbreak' still makes for a fun and impactful listen. Continuing to explore more of that energetic appeal that has remained constant throughout his releases to date, he keeps the vibes extremely high with this wondrous new gem.

Much like what his previous effort 'Back Home' showed us, 'Endless Heartbreak' always looks to find something fresh in which to develop. And while fans may still have a soft spot for the original, his new take certainly packs a punch from start to finish.



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