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PatrickReza's third installment to the BLOOD,SWEAT,TEARS EP 'TEARS' has finally landed

TEARS is the third installment from the three-track EP ‘BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS’ from - and is the true break-up track among the three.

Possessing PatrickReza’s signature alternative trap sound with harmonies that meld together - giving an ethereal, almost ominous, vibe to the track, TEARS is a promise of more great things to come from the artist from the second the track starts. The lyrics in the track are hold-no-hostage straightforward and raw with the chorus echoing ‘I can’t sleep, anymore so I feel funny, I got no more tears, yeah I wiped ‘em with money’ - a perfect ending to an incredible EP exploring the chaos of love and relationships.

PatrickReza says that “this song tells the story of the push and pulling current throughout the development of a new relationship. I think of it in scenarios, experiences or metaphors: driving through the California coastal mountains, moving through those ups and downs, twists and turns, the lies, cheating, the good, AND the bad times on the road ahead”.

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