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Peak Futures showcase their rise with sophomore release ‘Orion’

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

A sweet blend of electric guitars with soul and a male vocal which soars above the melancholy, 6-piece collective Peak Futures hold a real presence with their latest release. ‘Orion’ holds a place in the mind where there’s uncertainty and interest, where you feel as if you’re gazing into the stars and questioning society and everything surrounding it. Joe Bernie features as the vocalist on the track, and he helps bring together this soulful rock progression sound that Peak Futures effortlessly portray.

Having also featured on their debut release ‘Tapestry’, it seems the group have added another string to their bow in Joe, where his incredible vocals range and ebb and flow alongside the many elements of Peak Future’s instrumentation. The middle eight seems to almost take a darker and heavier turn, with gritting guitar riffs and soaring fills, to then return back to their signature style with no surprise, which is testament to the groups writing ability to change pace and mood so quickly. ‘Orion’ is hugely intriguing and potent from start to finish with so many different musical twists and turns, making it a journey which you will quickly want to begin again in a hurry.



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