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Phoebe Willo to release atmospheric single ‘4am’

Fresh from a highly successful single campaign that saw the artist raise over $30,000 from the release of ‘Lost In The Music’ on SongBits, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is back to expand on the achievement. With songwriting rooted in vulnerable personal feelings, whether those be of joy or of misery.

Continuing to build on an ethereal atmosphere that progressively builds to roaring heights, the latest track from Phoebe Willo is ‘4am’. Taking elements from indie-pop and modern folk, Phoebe paints a rich picture for the audience as she showcases her emotional vulnerability in both thoughtful lyricism and emotional performance. Synth bells, heavily distorted chords and momentous orchestration in the strings all feed into a fresh new soundscape that feels deeply familiar thanks to the structure and chords used in the track. This blend of other-worldly and intimate opens up new soundscapes for the artist, and sets her apart from her peers. The pop tinged vocals are a raw interpretation of a relatable experience, fuelled by the sparkles in the instrumentation to entice new listeners as she grows as a musician.

Speaking on the track, Phoebe shares, “I wrote the song when I was up at 4am one morning, it is a song about regret, a missed opportunity, a relationship that could perhaps have developed had I tried a bit harder.”



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