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  • Paul Riley

Pop Singer Lánre Impresses With Latest Hit “No Bodies”

Atlanta’s newest breakout artist Lánre kicks off his 2022 with new single “No Bodies” (feat. Reed Willy). The track was produced by hitmaker Mileage (2 Chainz, LightSkinKeisha, Coca Vango). Coming off the success of previous single “LA”, which received great reviews and was placed on Tidal’s Future Sound editorial playlist alongside the likes of The Weeknd and BTS, Lánre looks set to continue his impressive rise with this latest release.

The track features fellow Atlanta singer-songwriter Reed Willy, who showcases his sultry vocals alongside Lánre’s smooth tonality that fans have grown to love. The two artists use comical metaphors and imagery to tell the story of the lengths people will go to to keep their relationships private and why.

Speaking more on the release, Lánre says, “The concept of ‘No Bodies’ came to me one day when I was scrolling through a comments section on Instagram. I kept seeing this phrase ‘no face, no case’, which basically means that if you don’t post the face/body of the person you're going out with, you won’t be held accountable to call them your boyfriend/girlfriend. I thought this was hilarious and a really good song idea. Personally, I’m always dodging questions from my friends and family about who I’m dating or if I’m dating at all. Part of the song is about me keeping that side of my life private for now, so the title can also be read as ‘No Bodies’ business.”

This interesting take on modern dating paired with the song’s catchy hook and infectious melodies proves why Lánre has been receiving so much buzz. Having recently performed at the iconic SOB’s in New York City, expect to see and hear plenty more from Lánre as he prepares to perform live shows in Austin (during SXSW week), Atlanta, Denver, NYC and LA beginning in March 2022.

“No Bodies” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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