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PREMIERE: Elysia Marie delights with empowering power-pop sophomore 'I Ain't Mad'

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Elysia Marie is a sensational pop-soul-rock power vocalist, and we exclusively premiere her second single, 'I Ain't Mad' here at FLEX. It's nothing short of a powerhouse anthem, known for her remarkable vocal prowess and a musical style that seamlessly weaves the timeless sounds of the past with a contemporary edge, Elysia Marie is a captivating force to be reckoned with.

In 'I Ain't Mad,' Elysia pours her heart and soul into a track that delves into the complexities of love and heartbreak. With lyrics that resonate with anyone who has faced betrayal and deceit in a relationship, Elysia's empowering vocals take center stage. Her voice, both soulful and edgy, penetrates deep into the heart, leaving an indelible mark. We also sat down with her to learn more about her and the track, so discover your new favourite artist today with 'I Ain't Mad'.

Listen to 'I Ain't Mad' here:

Hey Elysia, congratulations on your new single ‘I Ain’t Mad!’ Can you tell us a bit about the track and the story behind it?

This song, “I Ain’t Mad” is about a break up, and getting cheated on. The track is a fun take on a sad situation. I have definitely experienced some tough relational situations with a couple fraudulent people; that did not end well; and this song is about that; BUT in the midst of that,being confident in knowing that on the other side of heartbreak and disappointment… is your BEST SEASON, BEST LIFE and BEST LOVE yet.

When you get cheated on; it actually can also bring a sense of closure that can save you from prolonged heartbreak if you keep a strong perspective about it. Always remember, “What goes around, comes back around!” I believe greatly that you get back what you put into the world and sometimes in double or triple! So, if someone does wrong by you; that is something they will have to deal with at some point!!

The song puts things into perspective and is a reminder to MOVE ON, and remember WHO YOU ARE, and what a POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, STRONG person and GIFT you are to the world! Enjoy your NEW SEASON, and what life has to offer without the weight of the people not meant for your life in it. Life is what you make it! You might never get an apology either! (Or it might not come until months/years later)... But be GOOD with it! You don’t need one!

My perspective has always been “I am not going to dwell, I might be angry, but it will pass, and I will use that to take a stand to help others. I know, I am actually better off. Don't reach back out. (They always do, smh) … No need to even apologize. I’m good!”

It is really refreshing to be able to sing and release this song after having already lived it, and experienced the other side of life and love, and the fruitfulness of knowing your worth.

How did you first get into music, and who were your earliest influences?

My Dad has a beautiful, soulful, big voice. I grew up listening and singing with him. Thankful for his influence of music and for having an eclectic taste, and singing a wide variety of music that I loved. I always gravitated towards power vocal singers, like Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Whitney Houston, Janice Joplin, Anita Baker, Selena, to name a few. I also of course loved the iconic Michael Jackson, Prince of which I could still listen to their albums on repeat.

I also loved; Stevie Wonder, Patty Griffin, The Temptations, Sam Cooke, Christina Agulera, Bonnie Raitt, Erykah Badu, Tracy Chapman, Kelly Clarkson, Heart …. Then, there's the cross genres and styles, across decades… so many others. The list honestly could go on for pages… I still listen back to music from past eras feeling like I am listening to it for the first time, and being SO inspired to create music that means something.

This is such an empowering song, who do you want this message to resonate with?

Thank you! I want this song to resonate with anyone who has been cheated on or had a disappointing breakup that they are trying to get over. It can be hard to let go and everything we had envisioned it could be. Sometimes it can also be easy to self criticize or blame ourselves. When in the situation of betrayal, that has NOTHING to do with us! If you catch someone cheating, it's time to move on. If they had any respect for themselves and for you they wouldn’t have done it in the first place. So, this song is for you.

How would you define your artistic essence today?

I grew up listening to artists that used music as a vehicle to spark decisions about difficult topics and give voice to issues, feelings, situations, and emotions that we as humans struggle with. My essence as an artist is leveraging my music to do just that while still giving the songs appeal. Music is therapeutic for me as it is to the world. So, as I sing to sometimes get thoughts off my chest, or sing the stories that are hard to speak about, I know that I can inspire others and bring joy, healing and strength to the world.

And finally, what does the end of 2023 hold for Elysia Marie?

Wow! Well, we are already in Q4! & This year is FLYING BY! So many notable special milestones this year, that I am so thankful for! We will continue to push hard in this last part of the year to FINISH it STRONG and continue to BUILD MOMENTUM for the NEXT Year!

I will be featured on WILX News channel in Lansing, MI, next week, where we will talk about the topic of “Cyber Bullying” and how today’s society deals with that a lot, and how to conquer it. I will also be seen in special appearance news segments and various media outlets for special performances of our new song! You will see me continuing to promote my new single hard, as well as another one coming out before the year is over, to then build for a 3rd single to be released at the beginning of next year! I am working on a radio promotion strategy and a tour in the Midwest Market as well as other key metropolitan cities. We will also be pushing hard for sync opportunities as well, and are always looking for ways to scale our reach and impact, and garner strategic partnerships to take our music to the next level.

We believe our music can compete and be successful in this industry and believe there is a seat for us at the table as an independent artist and independent label owners. What we have been able to accomplish so far as a small independent team is unheard of and we can’t wait to see what partnerships and contracts this coming year brings!!! THANK YOU for teaming up with us on this special premier release of “I Ain’t Mad”! & THANK YOU for your support as we continue to work hard, and make sacrifices so that we can continue to walk through doors and ride the wave of momentum into the NEW year and continue to build! & EXPERIENCE BEAUTIFUL THINGS HAPPEN!! ! I BELIEVE IT! LET’S GO!!! <3


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