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PREMIERE: Pete Beat previews new album with title-track 'Before The War'

With his highly-anticipated new album 'Before The War' set to arrive on the 16th April, Newcastle's Pete Beat has now returned to share the title-track from his forthcoming collection, 'Before The War'.

Following up the previously shared offerings 'Drinking Lager' and 'Homesick Night', Pete strips back his unusual brooding demeanour to deliver something far more jovial. Inspired by the upbeat and euphoric sound of post-war 1930s swing, this new release is a happy yet concerned release that matches the diverse aesthetic we can expect from his upcoming full-length.

Speaking about the track, he said, "This is a song for peace, with the message that remote wars we in the West see on TV may eventually roll around to our shores.

"A certain section of people complain about refugees coming into the country, without really considering what they would do in their shoes. Would they all really stay and fight? I doubt it.

"A lot of those people also vote for governments who continue to bomb remote countries, or who sour international relations, increasing the likelyhood of widespread war in the future.

"The style of the music is inspired by the British dance band sound of the 1930s, a period before WWII which has some parallels with today such as the rise of right-wing nationalism.

"Hopefully I'm wrong and the title of a future song will be 'All Is Well In The World'."

Listen to 'Before The War' below.

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