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PREMIERE: RAÍZ is back with Heavenly New Single 'Over You'

Following his first hit single ‘Nightmare’ which reached 24K streams in its first weeks of release, included in playlists such as Chill la Vie (35K followers) and Artists Discovery (20K followers), as well as being played on over 6 radio stations including One FM Swiss, Radio Swiss pop & Amazing radio UK – RAÍZ continues his evolving EP journey with ‘Over You’, an equally contagious song with a strong sense of individuality and truthful lyricism.

'Over You' is one mighty follow-up to RAÍZ's debut, with the artist's signature smooth vocals, which are held together by sultry production tinged with hip-hop and electro-pop. Having witnessed heartbreak and deceit happen to a family member on a level that he himself had never experienced, RAÍZ admitted that there were emotions stored in this type of loss that were incomprehensible to an outsider. Writing the song was a personal and cathartic process, and equally an opportunity to share with others some of those feelings, allowing others to see themselves and loved ones within the song. And that's partly the beauty of RAÍZ's music - at once hauntingly personal, yet relatable in the deepest sense of the word. And these songs will stay with you, they get into your bloodstream.

'Over You' is a sequel to Nightmare, therefore the semantic field of love and nostalgia flows seamlessly from one song to the other. This is translated in the instruments which have been musically designed to carry the same specific, carefully placed sounds, such as the modern 80s vibe of recurring synths and guitar riffs. However, a much more predominant baseline persists in the pre-chorus, adding an extra layer of bounce. Luscious harmonies are in store for all you yet-to-be listeners; but lucky you because you'll be able to stream this at midnight across all digital platforms.

'Over You' by RAÍZ is out Friday 27th November. Follow RAÍZ: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify


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