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PREMIERE: Storyteller Jay Moussa Mann releases new single 'What Makes You Think’

Jay Moussa Mann has a delightful new song out TODAY called 'What Makes You Think'. It's a treat for the ears, with gorgeous piano and guitar interweaving to create a bed of textures and melodies, upon which Jay's stand-out vocals shine.

Listen out for the suspense brought to the song with the very fitting string arrangement. The climactic end of this song with layers of vocal arrangement is really special too.

This is a track about breaking up with the world; life has changed and many of us are isolated, and struggling with mental health. You will likely be able to identify with this song, because we have all felt a little disheartened in recent months. Though 'What Makes You Think' is mournful, there is also some hope to be found within the track - this is a message of affirmation and self-love above all else. This song reminds us to celebrate being our own complicated selves and to accept that we don't always have to feel 100% anyway. Owning your own emotions and thoughts is empowering enough.

Jay's single ‘What Makes You Think’ is out TODAY right here:

Make sure to subscribe to Jay's Youtube channel right HERE & follow her on Instagram HERE or visit her WEBSITE

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