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Prometheus The Titan releases new single 'What's Come Over Me'

Hailing from Harare, Zimbabwe, British Columbia-based rapper Prometheus The Titan is back from a brief hiatus to drop off the new single for “What’s Come Over Me”.

At the time I wrote the song, I was writing about a situation between myself and someone who I wasn’t enough for. The feeling of love lost was a hard thing to get over in the beginning, I stayed in the relationship too long when I think back to it but eventually I made the decision to leave her in my past and focus on being the best version of myself. I wanted to eventually come back to the feeling and put it in a song. In the moments of heartbreak I felt like I was losing myself, the only words going through my mind in those moments was “what’s come over me” at one point, I felt like I couldn’t figure it out. I found a peace in my vices every time I thought back to the situation, until I matured a little bit and realized it was for the better, nothing personal. Ultimately I realized she’ll be loved no matter who she ended up with, and I’d find the one for me but it’s better we both left the situation.

- Prometheus The Titan

Prometheus The Titan spent his formative years growing up in Belgium, Zimbabwe, and Brazil, and remains internationally tied. After graduating high school, Prometheus began to develop his music career in Canada, inspired by the musical influences of Kanye West’s 808 and Heartbreak album, Kid Cudi, T-Pain, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Travis Scott. The presence of these artistic influences is recognizable in the dark and moody melodies that have become emblematic of Prometheus’ trap soul sound. The Titan always has a message for his listeners, his strong lyrics inspire listeners to transform their sorrow and pain into strength and success.

He spent his childhood in Belgium, however his earliest experiences in music began when he returned to Zimbabwe. At the 6th grade lunch table students would rap battle each other for fun, it was here that Prometheus learned that words are as valuable as currency, motivating him to explore his musical interests and talents further. Often challenged by others during his short time in Africa, he learnt how to freestyle rap but found few opponents who could rise to the lyrical challenge. The lack of competition allowed him to explore song writing on a deeper, personal level. Once he started writing, he began to explore the basics of recording during his years in Brazil and eventually took this skillset to Canada. His journey in Canada began at 18 years old. In order to set himself further apart from other artists, he elevated himself by learning how to mix vocals, eventually leading him to the creation of “Prometheus The Titan”, as we know him today.

The name “Prometheus The Titan” pays homage to the story of Prometheus the Greek Titan who was crowned “champion of mankind” for stealing fire from the gods and returning it to the people. Inventing his artistic identity from this story, his music is intended to deliver a sense of confidence and power within the modern music industry. His initial introduction to the Canadian Hip Hop community came in the form of Spotify Editorial placement as his single “Dasani” was placed on Spotify’s Northern Bars Playlist; he has continued to release music since.

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