PureGrand drops his latest single 'Pictures'

With his eagerly-awaited new EP set to drop later this year, Dublin-based artist PureGrand has now returned to share his latest effort 'Pictures'.

Taking his cues from the 90s pop sound of acts like Pet Shop Boys and Eurhythmics, 'Pictures' marks an incredibly fun and vibrant moment in his sound to date. With its strong synths and light beats married effortlessly throughout, he is certainly making a bold impression on this return.

Speaking about the track, he said, “The rules have changed, they’re not as clear, so the song is poking fun at the complexities of modern dating. Often we are infatuated by people, but also keep them at arm's length. In a way the song is quite sincere, but there’s also tongue in cheek sarcasm as well.”

Listen to 'Pictures' below.