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Quiet Houses drop new single "Kiss and Run"

Quiet Houses are an indie-folk duo who hail from Edinburgh, but have made their mark on the music industry globally. After seeing The Staves perform at the Glasgow Art School, the pair resolved to start writing songs together and this turned into a fully-fledged project. Merging together many different genres and musical inspirations, the duo have created a unique and signature that has impressed many.

"Kiss and Run," their latest single, will be sure to fully propel them even further forward. Merging infectious and emotional together, the track features danceable beats and lush instrumentation. On top, vocals land softly, working hand in glove with emotionally penned lyrics.

Speaking further about the single they share: “Kiss and Run is a song about not being ready to get into a relationship again. We tend to gravitate towards those messy, inbetween, ‘hard to put your finger on’ feelings when we are writing. Kiss and Run focuses on the conflicting feelings that can arise when seeing someone new. It’s about wanting to fall in love again but being scared to lose your main character, single girl energy.”

Quiet Houses are going to smash 2023. We're sure of it.



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