• Andrew Lewis

R&B artist Chima Dior releases intoxicating new EP ‘Still Jaded’

Chima Dior’s raw lyrics and rich brew of stripped back melodies and spacey sounds have an intoxicating flavour with a late-night aura. The ‘Still Jaded’ EP is full to the brim with seamless flows and candid vocals that are sure to make Chima’s mark on the music industry. Whether it’s the minimalist beats of ‘When The Party Ends’ or the gritty sounds of the ‘Still Jaded’ track, R&B fans will certainly find a place in their hearts for Chima Dior.

Chima Dior shares: “I take inspiration from a lot of artists such as Drake, 6lack, and Bryson Tiller but also I find the underground R&B scene very inspirational with artists like Aftertheparty, anders, and Che Ecru. They all helped shape my sound for this EP. The recording of this EP happened right after I moved down to LA while in the midst of going through a break up. That's really what this whole EP is about.”