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R&B-pop singer Samantha Leah releases her new carefree euphoric single “FLY WITH YOU”

NYC-born Samantha Leah brings a new and vibrant energy into the music scene, as a divinely inspired, genre-bending lyricist and vocalist — and her new single FLY WITH YOU is a perfect demonstration of that. A crossover blend of pop with EDM influences in hook, “Fly With You” highlights Samantha Leah’s lush R&B-infused vocals with her signature melodies and catchy lyrics.

"‘fly with you’ is about the desire to travel the world with a lover," she describes. "I think a lot of people have had this feeling. I, myself, have traveled a lot alone, which has been an AMAZING thing, but I think there comes a point where we begin to crave the experience of sharing this beauty with our “other half.” At least, that is what I am now feeling in my life. I feel that ‘fly with you’ represents a sort of “coming of age" story, where we mature enough to “settle down,” but this is a different type of settling down. It’s more like: “I have spent enough time alone or enough time indulging in meaningless flings. I’m not quite ready to buy a house, get married, and have kids (I don’t know if I will ever be), but I do know that I am ready to experience this wonderful planet alongside my true love.” I think a lot of people resonate with this feeling of wanting to experience pure freedom with their partner.”

Hailing from New York, she grew up performing in musical theater shows, while simultaneously dipping her toes into the R&B world and began to make it her goal to bring a higher frequency and positivity to the music scene. Despite being asked to conform to a certain look and sound, Samantha made it her mission to invest entirely in herself and her career and, of course, has since become a huge proponent of self-discovery, self-expression, authenticity, and sovereignty. "Fly With You" helps get that message across with it's empowering, uplifting, and atmospheric message.

Check out "fly with you" with Samantha Leah and Broman Dude now!

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