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  • Nova Holmes

Ray Curenton gives genre-defying a new meaning with latest offering ‘Better Place’

Columbus, Ohio native Ray Curenton is well-versed in the art of anthemic productions. Now based in the sonic hub of Nashville, and following the development of a superbly varied catalogue of musical goodness, the rising songbird now seeks to uncover a more raw, direct style of storytelling. Exuding soul-infused fervour in every delivery, superbly countered by his signature pop rock edge that unequivocally captures his roots; the vocalist now returns to the spotlight with ‘Better Place’ taking his artistry to the next level.

With previous thought-provoking releases like ‘Make It With Me’ putting his name before a well-versed group of music fans, Ray Curenton’s limitless and creative mentality is reflected in his discography, as he effortlessly floats between genres with unmatched versatility. Blending styles to create his own distinctive sound, Ray’s productions are scattered with nods to greats who have gone before him. As he harnesses his unique talent for re-awakening forgotten voices, he showcases his very own refreshed perspective.

With a natural propensity for creating genre-defying bodies of work, this versatility is very much reflective of Ray Curenton’s personality and naturally, the ever-shifting emotions of his listeners. Entering a new era, with a sharp focus on creating evergreen excellence, the icon in the making envisions a multitude of creative influences interlocking to create a pure, unadulterated sonic experience.

Ray Curenton’s lyricism naturally veers towards a stream of consciousness, resembling conversations and battles within himself as he gradually creates a jigsaw of challenging musings. Supported by a superbly rich topline; all in great anticipation of a euphonious chorus, unique additions of bongos, congas and shakers and tantalising drum patterns add the finishing touches as the rising star injects deep contemplation and experience into all of his work.

Ray Curenton as an artist embodies the idea of consistently being true to yourself, and continues to provide thought-provoking commentary on the world around him as he shares creations rooted in unfeigned experiences. As Ray continues to welcome additions of evergreen soul and r&b to his catalogue; the multi-talented artist now seeks to unlock his most unapologetic, brave and bold self. The result? A multi-dimensional, exceedingly captivating release.

Speaking of his latest offering, Ray Curenton said:

"I initially envisioned this song being about the afterlife, but at some point it morphed into a dual hope for a better life here on earth. It means fighting for economic, social, and environmental justice for everyone—I don’t really need pearly gates; I want liberation. I’m calling what I’m doing with this album “Spiritual R&B” because all of it is rooted in the gospel music that I grew up listening to. But my hope is that even if you aren’t a person of faith, the themes and messaging of the music feels good to you and brings you encouragement.”

'Better Place is now out on streaming platforms, check it out below:



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