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Ready to Cry-Dance? Just put on Yarlie's new track "Call of the Night"

Following the release of her infectious and confessional song "Blush", Swedish songstress Yarlie is reading to dive into a forbidden love in her new track "Call of the Night".

With atmospheric beats, catchy lyrics, and a knack for completely taking her listeners on a euphoric, dreamy, and sometimes downright insane journey, Yarlie is proving herself to be a singer who is ready to take the world by storm. Speaking on the track, she says “It's a story about forbidden love and the feeling of not being able to be yourself,” Yarlie explains. “...Or not being allowed to be yourself. That’s what Call of the Night is about.” “Call of the Night” is about keeping and making space for hope despite all fears that come when you're diving into something that might be bad for you.

Check out Call of the Night now!



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