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Rebelyay returns with fresh single 'Dye Your Hair'

Offering scintillating electro-pop, emerging artist rebelyay returns with the new single ‘Dye Your Hair’ ahead of his debut album, which is to be released in April. With pulsing bass, jagged synths and swirling percussion, the production shifts through a kaleidoscope of electronic sounds, playing with different tempos and textures yet remaining dynamic throughout.

Rebelyay’s lyrics add a raw honesty to the track, delving into the deeply personal subject matter of battling addiction. He says of the song’s meaning: “‘Dye Your Hair’ is about a time where I felt extremely alone with myself and my thoughts. I felt like I was transforming into someone that I hated and I couldn’t stop it from happening; my self-hatred was at an all-time high.”

Reminiscent of artists such as Flume, Iglooghost and A.G. Cook, the unique sonic realm that rebelyay has created invites listeners to explore the many layers of his work. Arriving onto the scene last year, rebelyay has released a string of singles ahead of his forthcoming album, which we will be waiting impatiently for.



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