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Regulus Red has dropped new single “The House Of God”

Italian-Welsh singer Regulus Red has returned with the hauntingly seductive new single “The House Of God” from his debut EP, Red Prince of The Night.

Defying both genre and gender boundaries Regulus Red has captured the hearts of the LGBTQ+ community with his authentic and fearless creativity. “The House Of God” is an expressive and entirely bewitching single, off an equally captivating EP.

“Red Prince of The Night is the story of a prince who through sorrow and pain found power. Life is an intense fairytale and this EP is the prologue of my life. I hope you can appreciate the choice of sounds and lyrics that I created with the help of my friend and composer Future Humans. Red Prince Of The Night is the frame of who I am. And now it’s your turn to dive in”.

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