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Regulus Red releases newest pop hit 'Some Gravity'

Regulus Red follows up debut EP Red Prince Of The Night with new single “Some Gravity”.

“Some Gravity” is a pop infused love song with a nostalgic aura. Taking inspiration from the likes of Lorde and Lady Gaga, Regulus Red has created a soundscape reminiscent of an 80’s electro-pop ballad with some beautifully written lyrics taking centre stage in a composition full of all the right ingredients to express his deep felt love.

Speaking to the significance of the lyrics and the emotions they convey, Regulus states, “I fell in love with Emanuele 2 years ago, surprisingly, on a London night out. I had been alone for a long time. We fell in love on the very first night and we have been together ever since. I really wanted to celebrate him and this relationship the way I know best, writing songs. So I wrote this song which is coming out during the Christmas period because I believe it matches with the atmosphere that Christmas brings every year: intimacy, warmth, colours. Inspirations

wise, I was heavily inspired by Drive's Soundtrack (the Nicolas Winding Refn film) and the


Regulus Red is rapidly becoming a superstar in the LGBTQ+ community and continues to make music that defies all the boundaries. Expect to see and hear a lot more from him come 2021.

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