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Reigno Releases Powerful New Track 'Three Fours'

An artist that holds no punches, Reigno has again shown why he is a force to be reckoned with in the ever expanding hip-hop scene. ‘Three Fours’ is the latest offering from the talented rapper, taken from forthcoming EP ‘Content With Crazy’.

In keeping with everything the rapper does, Three Fours is a powerful and impactful showing of his talent and a track that embodies his spirit. Set to a raw hip-hop instrumentation featuring a chilling piano riff, Reigno’s bars cut right to the core and resonate with the listener in a fashion reminiscent of artists such as ‘Hopsin’ and ‘Dr Dre’. Not one to do anything half-heartedly, Reigno writes, records and produces all of his tracks as well as directing his own videos.

“Nowadays, I feel like your ‘average rapper’ is seen as a shallow/superficial person that only thinks and talks about money, drugs etc. I want to be able to change this view and show that HipHop is more than that. Show that a rapper can be sincere and humane”.

The mission statement is clear and obvious when listening to anything the rapper produces. He writes from a position of pure emotion and experience, something that makes his music incredibly relatable and something many listeners can empathize with. His method of channeling suffering into his music creates a feeling of release and liberation, something that serves his music incredibly well.

Reigno is the artist that hip-hop deserves, someone that speaks from the heart as well as being someone that can include traditional elements of a genre adored by millions worldwide. He is an artist that has an exciting career ahead of him as he hones his skills even further.

Listen To 'Free Fours' Here;

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