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REVIEW: Alex Drake 'Peace of Mind'

One thing to note about New Jersey native, Alex Drake, is that music runs through his veins and his latest track reminds us all how important music is to our peace of mind.

On the track there is the feature of long-time friend and inspiration, AJ Perdomo, who helps Alex to provide the early 2000s emo alt-rock/ indie music that we all know and love. But this isn't news to Alex as he's been surrounded by a variety of music his entire life. From Soul/R&B to American folk/rock, Alex has had guitar riffs swimming in his mind since day one.

The new effort is one that blends the indie and punk lovers into one track, the singers unique sound is loveable, but also something you can't help but keep on the repeat button. Alex has been playing music since he was five years old, and now establishing himself as an independent artist in his own right, has led to the masses loving every second of his releases.

The honest and personal lyricism of previous releases allows this track to be one that you simply blast out loud and forget about the worries of the current climate. Alex Drake is becoming an artist that is keeping his seat at the table of the music industry.

Speaking on the track, Alex says:

“This song was first written and recorded while I was at my studio, my computer screen was in front of a window at my old apartment and I was writing this song and I looked outside and there were hundreds of protestors walking down my alleyway in Los Angeles Protesting. I got up and joined for the time that I could but that directly exemplifies where society was at the time of the conception of this song (and still is) which gave me the thought process and drive to create the concept.

You can listen to the new music below.


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