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REVIEW: Andy Keels - 'Get Up, Stand Up'

Following the release of debut single ‘Dead To Me’, Andy Keels continues to tease singles from the anticipated release of his debut EP with new track ‘Get Up, Stand Up’.

‘Get Up, Stand Up’ is a dynamic indie-rock anthem consisting of signature rolling drums and an electric collection of guitar riffs. Andy’s flair for creating and passion for music shine through in his emotion infused lyrics - showcasing his natural talent for storytelling and emoting his every thought.

“The track is about trying to escape a relationship”, he explains. “The overall intention of the song is about taking action - it’s time to change your life if you’re unhappy”.

Andy is already an accomplished figure in the industry from his work with former band Twen2y4se7en, and has a vast amount of experience in performing and touring shows with the likes of McFly, Blue and Sugababes.

‘Get Up, Stand Up’ is a fantastic composition that is sure to create vast anticipation and excitement for the release of the full debut EP. Tune in.

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