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REVIEW: Anne Reburn - 'Dammit All'

Anne Reburn previews her new EP with the bouncing new single ‘Dammit All’.

After spending the last few months releasing a wave of fresh and captivating offerings, fast-rising Oklahoma native Anne Reburn now returns to continue the support for her forthcoming EP Everywhere and Nowhere.

As an artist that is always looking to generate a bright and uplifting aesthetic with everything she does, ‘Dammit All’ might just be her jolliest effort to date. Channelling the same robust pop-rock direction she is known for, she cranks up the toe-tapping energy on this new release and gives us a real reason to slap a smile on your face.

She describes the track as “carefully controlled chaos”, adding “It’s the frantic, desperate moment you realise you’ve fallen for someone you didn’t want to fall for”.

Anne Reburn’s new EP Everywhere and Nowhere is out on the 23rd April and you can check out the new single below.



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