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REVIEW: Anne Reburn - 'Everywhere and Nowhere'

Spending her childhood singing, dancing and learning to play the piano, Anne Reburn was always destined to fall into a musical career. Her latest single, ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’, is a beautiful ode to a special somebody that makes the everyday mundanities exciting.

With only a delicate acoustic guitar accompaniment as a backdrop, Anne’s buttery soft vocals take centre stage. Her sincerity shines through every word as she details how even trips to the supermarket can feel so magical with their lover in tow. Elaborating on the inspirations behind the song, Anne offers - ‘"Everywhere and Nowhere’ is about quality time spent with someone you love. You have dreams of going everywhere and doing everything with them, but you're also perfectly content to stay in with them and go nowhere. When you're with that special person, location doesn't matter. You can be happy no matter where you are”.

Moving from her native Oklahoma to sun-soaked Los Angeles, Anne spent time perfecting her artistry and writing sweet sentiments that are influenced by her real life experiences. With her eponymous YouTube channel now surpassing 348,000 subscribers, she is well on her way to becoming a stalwart of the indie-folk scene, and ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’ is sure to help take her there.



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