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REVIEW: Aria Jay - Cried All on My Own

Brooklyn based singer, songwriter and producer Aria Jay has unveiled her latest sultry single, "Cried All on My Own". With a string of sophisticated and dynamic tracks already under hit belt, including her first three forays into self-producing with "Holy", "Wide Awake" and "Away", Aria Jay is quickly living up to the title of one of the most exciting up-and-coming musicians.

“To me, “Cried All on My Own” is about choosing yourself, even when it's hard or it hurts to do so.”

With her interest and experience in music dating back to her pre-teen years, Aria Jay has spent the last decade honing her craft, developing her sound and her reputation. And her hard work has seemingly paid off in spades as with every new release her sound is becoming increasingly confident and endlessly captivating.

You can check out "Cried All on My Own" below...

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