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REVIEW: august at night - Realer

Sailing away on a silky smooth soundscape, august at night's sparkling new single 'Realer' is hypnotic to its very core.

It's not everyday that a debut release drops with as much class and unadulterated charm as 'Realer', but when it does has us hitting replay time and time again. Suave and sultry in it's electrifying delivery, august at night is off to a sublime start with this one.

“There’s always something deeper. Something honest. Getting to it usually means letting yourself explore that - even if it’s new or scary. Realer is sort of about that -- being honest. Being alive. Especially when it’s hardest. Because that’s usually when it matters most.”

Despite 'Realer' being august at night's debut release, this incredibly talented new face has already got numerous projects up his sleeve for the coming months. And if they end up being as delightfully captivating as this first introduction, the whole music industry is in for a treat.

Check out his debut single 'Realer' now!

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