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REVIEW: Becoming Young 'Feeling Single'

Nashville based pop artist, Becoming Young, AKA Brandon Calano, has always been one to provide the music you've been waiting on, music that provides the feelings you want to pour out, music that makes you scream the lyrics because you can relate to them. With this new project, listeners can do just that.

All eight-tracks on this album will lead anyone into temptation, but it's the addictive lyricism that captivates your ears, with lyricism all about love and lust, confusion and attraction whilst providing ear-candy beats to be played on repeat for hours.

Tracks like 'Temptation' are what makes Becoming Young such an interesting artist, the honest narratives he produces alongside the fierce synths are undeniable and what makes Becoming Young an artist to look out for.

You can listen to the new album below.


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