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REVIEW: Bright Young People - Lie In The Sun

Raucous rockers Bright Young People have shared their unrelenting, no holds barred single 'Lie In The Sun'. Perfect to take the chill off the early autumn air, this debut of epic proportions commands your attention from it opening riff. With more attitude than most bands could even dream of, let alone pull off, Bright Young People's debut release showcases their hypnotic and heady vibe and their undeniably addictive sound.

“I suppose it means I'm looking at everything around me, the rich and powerful taking everything and not giving us a share. I have a go at that I think in parts and it's also about being bone idle I suppose.”

Having gone through many line up changes over the years, these childhood friends are escaping their working class town in North Wales through their music, all the while paying homage to the place that brought them together. Nowhere can this be seen better than in the music video for 'Lie In The Sun'. Recorded in their local theatre-come rehearsal space, they have encapsulated the gritty charm of their town that can be not only seen through the visuals but heard and felt through the song itself.

"We wanted to invoke a nostalgic feel for the music video to Lie In The Sun but yet keep it visceral enough to match the energy of the track. We filmed in and cited our home town throughout the whole video which was important to us and to our local friends and fans. The performance aspect was shot in our local early 1960's music theatre and was interjected with 8mm archive footage from the Rhyl seaside in its heyday, which in turn fits nicely with the lyrics."

With only one track currently to their name, new faces on the block Bright Young People have plenty more up their sleeve for the next twelve months. So, keep your ears perked and eyes pealed!

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