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REVIEW: DeLorean Black - 'Salt Xxxaddy'

Rising star DeLorean Black is back with his latest new release ‘Salt Xxxaddy’.

Talking in-depth about the song, DeLorean explains the track as: “Begin[ning] with a simulation hopper traveling to an alternate universe that feels like the 1980s. In the simulation the traveler plays a sugar daddy who has gone salty because his girl has become like milk left out in the summer sun...spoiled”.

Beginning with a soft synth instrumental accompanied by some light vocal harmonies, the song immerses the listener in a dazzling soundscape that brings together a fusion of R&B, hip-hop and glimmering synth melodies. Flowing alongside the intoxicating instrumental are DeLorean’s gentle and honeyed vocal cadences, that draw you deeper into his sonic world.

With an array of new music to follow, ‘Salt Xxxaddy’ is only the beginning for DeLorean Black - who is proving himself as an exciting emerging artist. Stay tuned.

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